Human Forte

Every one of us faces at least one, if not all, of these questions in our professional lives. But do all get an answer? And do all get it in time?

Let's put this in perspective..


Situation 1

You visit a company and ask for Mr. X at the reception. The guy asks you to fill a form and then go to the last cabin in the corridor. He then walks away.
You go to the cabin and find the same person welcoming you in. You're surprised but go continue anyway. After a while of a brief discussion, he asks you to meet the CEO as he is not authorized to take certain decisions. So, he tells you to wait and leaves the cabin. After a while, the same person enters the cabin with a blazer on and introduces himself now as the CEO of the firm. How would you react in such a situation?


Situation 2

You are interviewing candidates for a managerial position in your company. One particular candidate walks in. His CV states multiple qualifications. You ask him about his interests and he gives you a list of them. You ask him about his role in his previous job. He says he was into Accounts but also used to handle administration. Occasionally, he would also take interviews and do the paperwork. He was fired due to lack of focus and management skills. Would you want to hire him?


Situation 3

You own a company and have a sufficiently good number of employees working for you. However, you are finding it difficult to pay their salaries. Your creditors and suppliers are also waiting for their dues to be cleared. But, you are not able to manage your finances well. There are so many changes in the regulations and laws that you are too caught up in understanding and incorporating them. Your accounts team consists of just one person. You end up doing most of the work yourself. You still need to figure out about getting working capital to manage daily expenses. Could you manage to focus on up- scaling your business anytime soon?


A ‘jack of all trades’ is definitely a good phrase. But in the corporate space, it is seldom required. Here, people need to be the best in their skill.

Forte is a human trait. Without the human touch, it is just another specialty that can change or fade away. At Human Forte, we understand this. We ensure that every individual with his specialty or potential is paired with the right organization. Making the correct match that adds to the organization’s strength of quality resources is our Human Forte.


People, You and Us!

The flying bird logo represents an upward flight of success for you. The three colors indicate the three people in the system. The Candidate, the Organization, and Human Forte. Together, nothing can stop you from soaring to new heights of success.