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Our Team

Together as one, One for all.

It takes a perfect balance of the Mind, Heart, and Soul to be a smart, healthy and balanced person. Corporates are no different. This perfect trio plays a crucial role in every organization as well. Hence, Human Forte has three strongholds that help make it the best there could be.

Snehal Jain – Founder and CEO

Great ideas are always conceived in the mind. And Snehal Jain is the mind behind Human Forte. With about a decade of experience in human resources, she knows the right resource for any organization. Important factors like resume, qualification, and experience do matter in recruiting someone. But for Snehal, this is just the step one.

Just like our brain that is constantly learning and improving, Snehal tries to innovate and improvise her brainchild, Human Forte. She takes it to the next level by evaluating each candidate on the parameters of compatibility with the organization, commitment, and other such qualities. It is a life-long commitment. Once sealed, the link remains unbreakable.

The brain is the most connected organ of the body. It has to know in-depth about every cell of the body. Snehal has a vast experience in all aspects of the HR transformation; organizational redesign, introduction of performance management, all HR policies and procedures. This makes her a highly result oriented and successful corporate professional.

Pritam Shah – Chief Business Officer

With more than 6 years of experience in various roles, Pritam is truly the heart that beats for Human Forte. The heart that blood to all the organs of the body in the exact amount needed. Pritam also ensures that there is a constant flow of pleasant enthusiasm and commitment in the entire team of Human Forte. Strategic planning and Market research are among his core strengths. He understands the finer nuances of business and ensures the same is passed to every client the company works with.