Human Forte - Advisory Services

Advisory Services

2. Funds Advisory

  • Fundraising is a methodical and professional activity today. Just like recruiting, it needs professionals to identify the right sources. It requires mastery in requesting for capital for clients. Human Forte realizes that you have certain funding needs which cannot be handled internally. Hence, we assist you in raising the required funds for the profit of your organization.

  • Human Forte helps to raise funds efficiently and ethically. It helps you to get funds and capital from individuals and business houses. With an expert team of professionals and a strong network around the globe, we tap at the local, national and global levels for raising the requisite funds.

3. Payroll Outsourcing Services

Human Forte takes care of your end-to-end Payroll Outsourcing Services


With these services, we manage your employee life-cycle management, suggest best practices that need to be implemented and offer insights that help in key decision making.

You can avail the entire suite of services or choose the ones that you need for your organization. We customize it after carefully understanding your business and its requirements. Once outsourced, you can then focus on growing your business.

4. Accounting Advisory

  • Managing entire accounting process – This process helps you keep a track of all your value resources on a weekly or a monthly basis. This includes providing a detailed analysis of charts and reports on the available fund, revenue generated on sales, payment generated, pending debts, saw materials and other costs and so on.

  • GST Compliant Accounting –GST would have a tremendous impact on the financial reporting and accounting of your business. It might even require a total overhaul in terms of revenue and taxation. We help you cope with the nuances of the GST and support your business by suggesting GST compliant accounting measures.

  • Digital backup of accounting records – As per the Companies Act 2013, every company has to maintain all their records in either physical or electronic form. Since physical form may be more susceptible to loss or destruction, it has been advised to have an electronic backup as well. This allows easy access and safety of all the information that can be accessed anytime with just a few clicks.

  • Internal Control documentation for ICFR and/or SOX compliance –Every organization is required to establish and maintain the internal control documentation. This helps in financial reporting. Emerging growth companies have to go through Internal Control documentation for ICFR and/or SOX compliance as a part of their audit. Human Forte can help you through this entire process for a more focused approach that in line with the compliance and SOX laws.

  • Accounting with Audit trials –An audit trial is a set of records with documented history of all your transactions within your organization. We help you maintain this and provide reliable and easy to follow audit trial.

  • Quarterly MIS and Dashboard reports – Quarterly MIS and dashboard reports come handy to track and monitor your progress on a regular basis. It gives you an overall summary of predetermined goals and if you were able to achieve them. This is like the progress report that will help you plan and shape your financial and accounting strategy as well.